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Orange DAO Fellowship is the best place to go from 0 to 1 with your crypto startup.

100k investment. 2% program fee.
OF4 Deadline: Friday May 31st, 2024

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What to expect

A 10 week sprint to accelerate your startup.

Week 1

Kick off with an intense orientation IRL in SF. We give you the tools you need to thrive over the course of the Fellowship.

Week 2-6

Meet your mentor. Check-in with your group partner. Hear from killer founders.
Build. Sell. Talk to customers. Grow.

Week 7-10

Back in SF, we head into fundraising mode. The intensity shifts into another gear as we get you ready to speak to investors. You refine your fundraising plan, your pitch deck and your pitch.

Week 11

Countdown is on to the big day. '00's of investors are here to see you.

Demo Day.

Week 12

Graduation. Orientation into the Orange DAO community .

Fundraising 1:1s.

Select Speakers

Learn from the best operators in crypto.

Dan Romero

Co-Founder of Farcaster

Nader Dabit

Director at Aave/Lens

Raj Gokal

Co-founder of Solana

Sergey Gurbunov

Co-Founder of Axelar

Valerie Tetu

Former GTM at Lido

Jesse Pollak

Creator of Base

Select Mentors

Benefit from 1:1 community mentorship every week.

Remi Gai

Founder of Inco Network

Don Ho

Co-Founder of Quantstamp

Henri Stern

Founder of

Kate Hiscox

Co-Founder of Sivo

David Head

Founder of

Jordan Messina

Founder of Once Upon

Select Co-investors

Investors that have invested in Orange DAO startups

What founders say

Here is what founders say about us

“The Orange DAO team are the blacksmiths of crypto, refining and hammering raw, unfinished founders, ideas, and companies into gold bars. The Orange network and team were instrumental in making critical connections for us within the industry, asking hard questions, and supporting us through thick and thin.”

 J.Paul Meyer - Founder of Collar Protocol (OF2)

“Orange DAO made me a 10x better founder. We pivoted mid-batch and because of Orange DAO we graduated with a functional MVP, key partnerships, and excited early users. The mentors are incredibly generous with their time and expertise. They will help you build the company of your dreams"

Hamza Mhadi - Co-founder of Herald Labs (OF2)

“The Orange DAO Fellowship 10x'd the trajectory of the company when it comes to fundraising & product. Before Orange DAO this was a side project. Fellowship was a switching point. became a real company perusing a real problem.”

J - Co-founder of (OF1)

Apply Now
What do accepted startups have to do?
Sign the SAFE and participation agreement. One founder must attend the IRL sessions in SF. All founders are required to attend the virtual sessions.
Is it in-person or remote?
The program is hybrid. The first week, starting in July 2024, and the last part will be conducted IRL. The remaining weeks will be conducted via Zoom.
When does the Fellowship end?
The official program concludes with a virtual Demo Day in September. After the Demo Day, you’ll be eligible to become an Orange DAO member.
When does the Fellowship start?
The program will start in July with an IRL orientation week in San Francisco.
When will I hear back about my application? What are the next steps after application?
You'll receive a response within a month of your application. Following the screening process, we'll conduct 1 or 2 rounds of interviews with the selected applicants. The interview format will be a fast-paced 10-minute conversation. We’ll ask you a series of questions.
Can non-YC founders apply to Orange Fellowship?
Absolutely, any founder building crypto-related products can apply to Orange Fellowship.
What are terms of Orange Fellowship?
Fellows receive a $100K uncapped (MFN) SAFE investment. There is a separate program/advisory fee of 2%, which falls under a separate agreement from the SAFE.
What advantages does the Orange Fellowship offer beyond the investment?
As a fellow, you'll dive deep into a special program designed to boost your Web3 startup. We'll guide you through achieving Product Market Fit, strategizing your Go-to-Market approach, and actively helping you build traction. This is all under the guidance of 1300+ founders who have been backed by YC and the founders of ~200 startups funded by Orange DAO. In addition, you'll get a chance to pitch on Demo Day to a plethora of Web3 investors. Upon completion of the program, you’ll be eligible to become an Orange DAO member.
What stage of Web3 startups should consider applying?
Whether you're just sketching out an idea or you've secured a Seed Investment for your startup, we welcome you! Our fellowship is tailored for companies from the ideation phase all the way up to pre-Series A.