Info about Orange SAFE

Welcome to our custom Orange SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity/Tokens) page! We're excited to share our latest innovation tailored specifically for crypto startups. While this is not an official YC product, it is a derivative of their widely-adopted open source SAFE. Our custom version expands on the original by addressing the unique needs of companies in the crypto space, particularly those that create tokens.

You can download the Orange SAFE for your own use here; No Cap TemplateCap Template

What is the Custom Orange SAFE?

The custom Orange SAFE is an adaptation of the standard YC SAFE, specifically designed for crypto companies that may want to issue tokens in future. We've updated the original SAFE agreement to accommodate token-based projects, allowing investors to receive future equity or tokens in the company.

Key Features:
1. Open Source Derivative: Our Orange SAFE is built on the foundation of YC's original open source SAFE, ensuring a familiar framework for both startups and investors.
2. Token Integration: The custom Orange SAFE covers both equity and tokens, providing flexibility to accommodate various fundraising strategies.
3. Adaptability: This tailored agreement caters to the evolving landscape of crypto startups, supporting their unique requirements and growth trajectories.

Why Choose the Custom Orange SAFE?

By choosing the custom Orange SAFE, crypto startups can take advantage of an agreement designed specifically for their needs. This comprehensive solution offers:

1. Simplified Fundraising: Our custom SAFE streamlines the fundraising process, allowing startups to secure investment with a clear, easy-to-understand agreement.
2. Flexibility: The Orange SAFE provides the option for investors to receive future equity or tokens, offering versatility for both parties involved.
3. Fostering Innovation: By addressing the specific needs of crypto startups, our custom SAFE supports the development of novel projects within the industry.

Disclaimer and Acknowledgment

Please note that this custom Orange SAFE is not an official YC product. It is a derivative of the open source YC SAFE and has been adapted specifically for crypto startups that issue tokens. Always consult with a legal expert before using any SAFE agreement, and ensure you have a full understanding of the terms and conditions.

Embrace the future of fundraising with our custom Orange SAFE, specifically designed for crypto startups. As a derivative of YC's open source product, our SAFE offers the familiarity and trust of the original while accommodating the unique requirements of the crypto industry.